The church building is located at 231 W. Main st (on the corner of Main and Highschool Ave) in Stonewall, OK.  [directions]

Sunday AM Bible Class starts at 10:00

Sunday Worship starts at 11:00

Wednesday evening Bible study starts at 6:30

Sunday evenings are a very special time for us. We don’t have a set worship service but use each week to focus on various activities making sure we promote Bible study, worship and fellowship time together as well as leadership training and service opportunities to our church and community. Be sure to check the calendar to stay up-to-date with these wonderful opportunities.

When you join us in worship to God and study His Word you can expect to find warm and friendly families simply striving to live in this world the way Christ would have us to. You will be greeted, welcomed, and encouraged to participate with us as we try to reflect His light on the world around us, and challenged to grow in your own life the way we challenge one another to improve every day!